What The Heck Is Free DVD Data Backup?

The wacky world of data backup can seem as if everyone is talking or writing in another language. When you read about a great backup shareware, or free to low-cost software, never assume that you know what the product description is talking about. You need to read the small print and some free DVD data backup reviews in order to fully comprehend what you are getting yourself into.

What Does It All Mean?

When this writer first heard about free DVD data backup, I thought it was that you bought a DVD that you could store your entire hard drive onto. I was wrong. There are mirror programs available that can store your entire hard drive, but they are pricey and no DVDs are required. Free DVD data backup also doesn’t mean that if you purchase a backup program, you’re sent a free DVD of the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

What computer geeks usually mean by a free DVD data backup program is a program that specifically backups up media files only, such as music pr movies. They can play back your music or movies with the same picture quality and extras as the originals. Ideally, you can store many movies or DVDs on one free DVD data backup program. Still, there are many variations on this theme, depending on the program.

Trial Runs

There are also paid services and programs that store your data, including media files. Some people prefer to use these paid services to totally free DVD data backup shareware because they have technical support and someone to complain to if something goes wrong. The main reason why free DVD data backup shareware is free is because once you download it, you’re basically on your own.

But there are vast differences in the prices of this software. Always choose the free trail version of the backup software first. Although most trial versions claim they are good for thirty days, you usually find that they are only good for fourteen days – fifteen if you’re lucky. However, two weeks is plenty of time to see if you and your computer can get along with the software.

Things To Look For

Whether you eventually choose free DVD data backup shareware or pay for backup software, there are still some things you need to pay attention for. You need to see that it doesn’t slow your computer to a crawl for a long time. It also needs to be easy to use.

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