Many People Don’t Understand The Importance Of Cloaking Affiliate Links

When it comes to affiliate marketing I am sure you comprehend that the links that are provided to you by the owners of the product are usually large and ugly. If you would like more folks to click in your affiliate links something you need to do is cloak them so they look good and short. There are different methods that people can actually use to cloak their affiliate links and you are going to see that certain methods will be much more effective than other methods. In this article we’re going to be looking at these different methods and teach you which ones you ought to and ought not to be using when cloaking.

With regards to cloaking affiliate links the main reason this is so important is mainly because when men and women find a long link they do not like to click on it mainly because they actually do not know where it is going to end up bringing them on the net. Something many folks do not realize would be that a short link is something individuals click on considerably more often than any sort of longer link. The best part about cloaking your affiliate link is that you can actually make it look like you are sending the person directly to the web page that’s selling the product or service you are advertising.

I am sure quite a lot of you have heard of a web site known as tinyURL or, and these are actually two ways you are able to end up shortening an affiliate link. Even though you can make use of these services in order to cloak your affiliate link you’re going to discover that many people know exactly what the services are used for and will still not click on your link. So while the services can be used it is something you ought to stay away from because it will not necessarily improve your click through rate.

When it comes to cloaking your affiliate links properly you are going to find that having your own domain name will be the very best way to do this since you can use sub domains for the redirect. Obviously this is not a thing that is free and you will need to purchase a domain name and a hosting account in order to do this, but you need to remember that the hosting account needs to enable you to develop sub domains without limits. When you produce a sub domain you’re allowed to redirect this domain to any web page you want and this would include affiliate links, then when you make a good looking sub domain you are going to end up getting more clicks. If you don’t yet comprehend how powerful this can be, if you take a peek at this URL,, this URL will actually lead you to an affiliate page but it doesn’t seem like an affiliate link.

In relation to cloaking your affiliate link you need to understand that this is going to be one of the greatest ways you’ll be able to improve your affiliate commissions. You will also discover that this will be something that is extremely helpful for people using e-mail marketing mainly because if you place a long affiliate link in an e-mail it could wind up getting broken.

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