Many Men And Women Don’t Realize The Importance Of Cloaking Affiliate Links

No matter what type of affiliate product you are marketing, the links that are made available to you are generally ugly and not something men and women are willing to click on. This is obviously one reason why that cloaking your affiliate link will be so essential to be able to improve your click through rate on those links. And naturally when it comes to cloaking your affiliate links you are going to discover that there are several different ways this can be accomplished and some are far better than others. Obviously not all link cloaking will be effective and in the following paragraphs we are going to look at a few of the techniques you ought to use in relation to cloaking your links.

When it comes to cloaking affiliate links the reason this is so important is simply because when folks find a long link they do not like to click on it mainly because they actually do not know where it is going to wind up bringing them on the web. When you cloak your affiliate link it’s going to normally be a lot shorter than the original affiliate link and this is something men and women will have no trouble clicking on generally. For those of you that are experienced in cloaking your affiliate links I’m certain you realize that it is possible to make it look like folks are not clicking away from your web site in order to get to the product page.

Two services that are available on the web for cloaking links are tinyURL and, of course, if you’re not currently making use of these I am certain you have at least heard of these. Simply because these services are incredibly well known for people who want to cloak affiliate links many men and women will see a link with these in them and still avoid them. So although the services can be used it’s something you should avoid mainly because it’s going to not necessarily increase your click through rate.

If you would like to cloak your affiliate links but do not make them look like they are cloaked links, you are going to find that having your own domain is something that will be required so you are able to redirect men and women using sub domains. You are going to need your own hosting account to accomplish this and you’ll want to make certain that you’ve got the ability to generate unlimited sub domains on this account. When you generate a sub domain you are allowed to redirect this domain to any web page you want and this would include affiliate links, then when you make a good looking sub domain you are going to end up acquiring more clicks. An instance of a redirected sub domain will be,, and you are able to see this is very short and does not look like an affiliate link but when clicked on, it leads folks to an affiliate page.

Cloaking your affiliate links is going to be something that will enable you to make more cash as an affiliate because folks will be more apt to click on these links. You’ll also find that this will be a thing that is extremely helpful for individuals using e-mail advertising because if you place a long affiliate link in an e-mail it could end up getting broken.

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